Laundry Day

It is laundry day, whatever shall a girl do? Why you wear this outfit of course. Who says you can’t have fun on laundry day, enjoying the sun and the nice breeze? Well I say no more so you have to listen, lol

Laundry Day 2-fixed


Laundry Day 1 fixed

JIAN Splendid Spaniels  King Charles from a previous gacha event

Of course I am not playing with the dog, I am blogging..wink..wink..nod…nod…


Laundry day 3


Style Card-

Bella Moda Pois Top with Bella Moda Complessivl Blue overalls

Spring  Washing line’s  Pink Necklace

Spring washing line’s Cream Head Decoration

Spring washing line-cream cuddle panties. I have to give a special shout out to a friend of mine who loved this cuddle panty so much I said I’d wear it every time I saw her, just for her. How can I not? It is my solemn duty.  It is all just adorable so who can blame me?.

Ad Donna hair in red

Lara Mesh body and genesis lab Sofie mesh head

I also wore Cotton Candy lace bobby socks and Roc sneakers, not shown here.

La Vie is the sim where I took this photo.

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