Sunset on the Porch

Swank May is a Wild Spring Event

I am mainly a clothing and accessory blogger but sometimes I find items that I just have to blog because they are so pretty and well done and it is fun. I am still getting there to where I want to be in this area and I hope I did this set the justice it deserves.

OTB! Charleston Patio Settee Seat with multiple poses for singles, cuddles and friends, including sequences.I also love the attention to details with the plant, magazine on the table, candles, keys and cell phone. You can just tell she walked over put her stuff down and is just relaxing while gazing at the beautiful setting sun.

Paisley Daisy – Cutie Pie Shorts N Top Blue is the super cute outfit worn in these  photos. Halter top, and shorts with a leather string tie. The set also comes in Pink, Black, Burnt Sienna, Mustard Green, Dark Purple not shown.

Swank set 2Swank set



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