Beautifully Sad

The Unmasking a Cure Medieval Fair

As a noble woman of means I chose this rich color for my ~L/Fx~Fur Trimmed Cloak, in Purple  in s.m,l, 100% mesh and also available for purchase in a male version. As you can see the texture and details are lovely. I hurry home as it’s not safe for a lady to be out so late unaccompanied, looking forlorn the whole way. But why, what could have happened and why am I out alone as a blizzard approaches? I was secretly meeting the man of my dreams. A wonderful man of small means and if caught it will cause scandal and punishment. But alas, the heart wants what it wants.

cloak Umac.jpg

The Unmasking a Cure Medieval Fair has 2 full sims of clothing, accessories, household items and more to purchase all to benefit the American Cancer Society. If you don’t want to purchase anything, you can feel free to explore, and participate in all events. Please donate what you can. We can win this fight against cancer but only if we all give what we can and keep striving for a cure. I believe a cure is possible.

UMAC Event

Link to the website-

link for the Sim-

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