Tropical heat

Swank Wild Colors of Spring Month

I feel ready for a walk in an exotic location wearing  ::ALTER:: Coqueta Outfit [Tropical sunrise]. Not only does this outfit look amazing but it is very polished. The dress comes with shoes and bag. The Moondance Jewels DewDrop Jewelry Set comes with necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings as well as a hud to change the gems and metal to create just the look you desire. Other colors are available for purchase, all equally beautiful options. The XH&A Spring Hat F has a color change hud. I thought this color was just perfect and it is very sophisticated looking.

Also wearing from Swank

IP Nails Touch of Spring
*ScS* Adorjan Eyes in Jade

Swank May Alter

swank maybe


Close up of

XH&A Spring Hat F

*ScS* Adorjan Eyes in Jade

Moondance Jewels DewDrop Jewelry Set


Swank close up of hat and jewels


aliud bags 2 pose not at Swank

Photos taken here-

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