Glamourize your house


All of these beautiful items are available at Swank March. Hollywood Glamour is the theme and you will love it all.

[Park Place] Deco Fan Chair Set – Blue Suede

[Park Place] Deco Area Rug

[Park Place] Deco Fan Chair l and r blue

[Park Place] Fan Chair pillow blue

[Park Place] Round Wired End table

[Park Place] White marble accent lamp

Set also in Silver green and sweet Cream not shown



[Park Place] Deco Gold & Crystal Wall Sconce

[Park Place] Deco Gold Chandelier


[Park Place] Galena Ebony Dining Buffet w/Accessories

[Park Place] Galena Floor Plant

[Park Place] Galena Ebony Dining Table & Chairs

[Park Place] Galena Ebony China Cabinet w/Accessories

[Park Place] Galena Dining Room Chandelier

Park Place.jpg

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