Purple and Gothtacular

Swank October is a Goth Spooktacular Event and hunt. While there you can get these fabulous items all sold separately.

Park Place at October Swank

All of these items are available:

[Park Place] Goth Wrought Iron Mirror Set – Cuddles. Yes you read that right, this mirror has cuddles for you and your special someone. It also has fabulous primping and putting on makeup animations. I have it in my house and am always playing around. Does my butt look big?


[Park Place] Iron Mirror Set with Cuddles
This whole set is awesome, its in my fav color (purple) and is so well done. The chair has a lot of animations for sitting and cuddles.

[Park Place] October Night Wall Art

[Park Place] Wrought Iron Candle Set

[Park Place] Wrought Iron Floor Candelabra

[Park Place] Goth Purple Swirl Area Rug

[Park Place] Goth Purple and Black Vase Set

[Park Place] Goth Wrought Iron Chandelier

[Park Place] Black Leather Wing Chair – Cuddles


[Park Place]
Even skeletons have to sit down sometimes.

[Park Place] Goth Purple and Black Vase Set

[Park Place] Crimson/Black Small Bench

[Park Place]




Gold Skeleton avatar is from Boudoir in the High Society collection.

The haunted house is also from Boudoir on the MP.


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