Don’t erase me

Guess what! It’s Swank September. IKR, who knew, it’s so awesome and have you heard they do a great event monthly just with different themes. September is Freestyle themed.

For this post I chose ~Somerset~ ‘Dry Erase’ with color change hud. Versatile and cute with the colorful combinations you can make but they are all so lively and pretty. Pastel with an edge I call it.  The {HJ} Mystic Rainbow – Necklace and earrings set is a great set because you can wear it with so many things. There is also a gold version. I wore the platinum.

~Somerset~ ‘Dry Erase’ with color change hud.

::FA:: Headphones Male and while these Headphones are called male, guess what, I wore them. Oh no! Now that you have been able to sit down again from my faux pas, I think you can agree these headphones are perfect for all. Colorful and practical as my avi is out walking in the sun.

TASHI Rainbow Brite slink nails are fabulous and the color and vibrancy speak for themselves.



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