The Runway Perfect Hunt locations 29,32,34,

For the 29th stop in The Runway Perfect Hunt we have  ::WetCat:: “Gateway”. This posing prop box has a texture change option as well as 4 female poses and 4 male poses that are easily adjustable. The texture is great and you can’t make it any easier than a prop with poses in it!

29. ::WetCat: Poses:

Pose prop Gateway
The Runway Perfect Hunt location 29


For the 32nd stop in The Runway Perfect Hunt we have Luminese with  Luminesse Ametaine DelMar Earrings PMESH and Luminesse Taran Hugo MENS Collar Pin PMESH. Ladies don’t let the fact that this pin is called a men’s pin stop you, its  gorgeous.

32. Luminesse

34. Vindiktive - Valeria Dress (RPH)_004
The Runway Perfect Hunt Location 32


For location 34 we have  Vindiktive – Valeria Dress. This body hugging dress comes with Belleza, fitted mesh, Maitreya, Slink versions in black and gray.

34. Vindiktive – Valeria Dress
34. Vindiktive

34. Vindiktive - Valeria Dress (RPH)_003
TRPH Location 34


The Runway Perfect Hunt blog for all locations and hints.

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