The Runway Perfect Hunt 1.Moondance Boutique

The first stop in the upcoming The Runway Perfect Hunt is Moondance Boutique. There you will be able to get the beautiful Moondance Jewels Liz Jewelry Set. The hud is amazing and with the texture change options for metals, stones and pearls you are only limited by your imagination. The set includes 2 rings, 2 bracelets, earrings and necklace.

Moondance Boutique Jewelry/Nails Men/Women

Not shown but included for the men is Moondance Jewels Mens Henery Jewelry Set

me with cat_002
Moondance Jewels Liz Jewelry Set, TRPH Location 1

me with cat_010
The Runway Perfect Hunt location 1, Moondance Jewels Liz Jewelry Set 1 Moondance Boutique Jewelry/Nails
me with cat_009
Moondance Boutique, Location 1, TRPH


TRPH Blog for all locations and hints

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