The Beauty of it all in Second Life

I think for those of us who started playing a long time ago, we sometimes forget how very pretty Secondlife can be. I started playing in 2007 and remember people rezzing in as newspaper print, the ugliest textures you ever saw in your life and skins that looked like, well, bland play doh consistency gone bad without a single shadow or highlight to be found. I won’t pretend to know a thing about graphics or what they do to make it look pretty and I realize the graphics of many games now are incredible. (Of course I grew up playing Pong and Donkey Kong so you know I am biased (yes, and old). But, how many of us take time to just marvel at how pretty Second Life is on its own? When I got a new pc years ago I realized I had been missing out partially because my pc was not up to par, but no one can doubt that the shading and highlighting, textures and just overall beauty of Secondlife keeps getting better. So I decided to take a few pictures, not of a fancy sim full of wonderous things, just of my own yard in the game to show that sometimes, if we just take a second to take a look, there is beauty all around us in this game we play.


QueenBrat lying around in her yard
Lying around regular light
Sunset distant



Up close reg light

I tried to show that regular light or in sunset lighting, an ordinary setting can be pretty. With the textures,mesh bodies and skins even more so.

I always liked using my photo studio in game or finding a pretty Sim, but now, maybe I will stay in my own yard more. But I also think the same thinking can be applied to life. Take a second to look at that sunset or smell that flower. What a shame it would be if Secondlife became like real life and we ignore the beauty of it all. Remember that age old saying- stop and smell the roses, well look at them too.



Beleza- Faye Blush Medium, Faye Makeup Pale

Mesh Body-Lara

Makeup-[LB Kissable Glossy Lips] Set 4 – Thulian 5, ZC – Haley Eyeshadow – Black 01

Lashes- Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N06

Shape is by me like always

Outfit-  :SS: Babygirl in Pink Tank Outfit

Jewelry- [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Onyx Set

Shoes-R.icielli – MALOU High Heels

Hair-TRUTH HAIR Bexley –  reds




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