119 Shows!!

So I have been modeling in SL for a year. I added up all the shows I have done so far and it’s 119. I know it’s hard to believe but it is all right there. I am proud of my record. Not to be conceited, although this is my blog so I could be if I wanted to I guess, but I never had a complaint about any of those 119 shows nor did I ever fail to show up for a show I signed on to do. Being reliable was always very important to me. If you agree to do a show then do it. Not having any complaints is also something I am happy about. Was every 1 of those 119 shows perfect, no. While I try for perfection in every show, with lag, I am not sure that is possible. But, I do my best every time to show the designs with a good attitude and proper skills.

For those that think modeling is all glamour let me tell 1 of my favorite stories from the week I did my first shows. It was latex week. I had a latex outfit, with a bright green leaky pee bag, yes I said it- a leaky pee bag. Everywhere I walked it leaked. I think I have a picture somewhere I should find. While I admit this is gross and slightly embarrassing, it was also fun. And too often we forget modeling should be fun. I can laugh at the crazy outfit. So many people are so serious and never learned how to just have fun,  to go with the flow so to speak, lol. Just take what you get and make the best of it.

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