photography vs model looks

QueenBrat HOB entry
QueenBrat HOB entry
  •  Today was a slow day for me. I worked at JCNY and HOB like usual, but I didn’t have to rush to rehearsals and shows. I took some pictures for my entry into HOB this week. My own pictures. Two of my pictures are above. I love taking pictures and once I learn how to use Photoshop they will be better. I can add text in Photoshop but that is about it. I wanted to take a class that’s starting this week but because I am in so many shows over the next few weeks I can’t do it. Some of my friends routinely make their own backgrounds and they are amazing.  But, Photoshop or not I keep trying. Often some contests in SL are about how amazing the photographer is and not about the models. If you want to hire the photographer that’s fine but to me, most contests should be about how the model looks. How attractive is the model. Do they style well and pick the right fashions?  But, I’m not running these contests and they can do what they like of course. I’ve seen pics from some great photographers and the model looked terrible. The purpose of the picture was about being artistic and not how the model looked.  I’ve seen  some great pictures too, of course. It’s all so subjective though. What I think looks terrible sometimes, other people love, and probably vice versa. We don’t all have to agree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine happens to be right. Just Kidding.

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