race in SL

   I want to talk about something that’s probably a little controversial, race in SL. I went to an audition and the requirements were dark skins. I have no problem whatsoever with making my skin dark for a show. I’ve talked before about my willingness to change my avatar for a show so that the designer is happy. It doesn’t bother me to be dark or light or anything needed.  I was actually surprised that some people don’t want to do this. I don’t see the big deal. But, what’s worse to me is it seems fairly prejudicial to outright refuse to change. I know there are people who play SL from all ethnic backgrounds and I wonder how they feel about it. I don’t think prejudice is any more acceptable in SL than it is in rl. I’ve heard from people who felt others were prejudicial towards them. It just isn’t right. If we can’t make our skins dark for a few hours that just makes me sad. But to be prejudicial towards others in a game, in SL, makes me mad. We are all equals. My white avatar is not better than a black one. To me all are welcome on SL and all should be treated equally because the person behind the avatar, is just that, a real person with feelings. I know other ethnic groups face prejudice in their real lives and isn’t it sad they can’t even escape this in SL.

  So get your act together if you read this and are one of these people. We are all the same inside and there’s no excuse for prejudice. If people have another excuse for not changing their skins to dark I’d like to hear it. If it isn’t prejudice what is it then?

2 thoughts on “race in SL

  1. I think SL is a reflection of RL and as a result the biases people have toward various groups in RL will play out here. I don’t have issues with whatever tone people choose to wear, I stay in darker skins most of the time myself. I do find it off putting to see typically white avatars in dark skins for shows but that’s just because I think there are a lot of very good avatars who are typically dark that don’t get looked at in those cases. That’s a me thing I know though lol.


    1. I agree that there are a lot of great avatars with dark skin. I wish they had come to the audition. I would have no problem with not being picked for the show because they wanted authenticity. My normal avatar couldn’t be much paler, so I agree it might be off putting to some. People can wear whatever skin tone they want and it’s perfectly fine. What I have a problem with is the bias. I have put on some awful skins for a show so I just don’t understand people refusing to put on a beautiful darker skin. As models we can wear some truly awful looking stuff but not a beautiful skin because our bias enters into it then? No, that makes me sad.


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