QueenBrat Bracken’s SL Modeling Resume


Fashion Shows that I have been in

LFFW  Week 16 shows I was in Aug 8th- Aug 15th,09

Latex Doll House
Luscious Latex
Squeaky Rubber
Hollow Angel
7 Deadly Sins
She Wants Revenge
Atonement Show
Addiction Latex
Rubber Kitten and Rubber Lab Latex
Puss n Boots
FallnAngel Creations
Latex Fetish Lingerie

LA Modeling Agency

Graduation Show Aug 9th
Shows Aug 30th,09, Sept. 13th,Oct 11th 09,Nov 1st,Nov 8th,Nov 14th, Nov 21st,09, Nov 28th,09,Dec 5th, 09,Jan 9th 2010


Showcase Model Shows Aug 22nd, 09, Sept 27th,Oct 31st,Nov 15th, Nov 22nd,March 17th 2010

 Sexy Angel Show Sept 18th,09
MWC Shows
 Sept 19th Volti Italiani Show, Oct 27th Hip Hop Show, Nov 21st,09,Black Couture Show Jan 17th, Slave for you Show,March 14th Paris Canucci,March 28th Vrythms Show, April 11th Lonna designs
 MWC Designer Challenge Show
 Sept 20th,09,Sept 27th,Oct 11th,Oct 18th, Nov 22nd
 Hugo Fashion Shows/Siren Productions
 Oct 30th,2009, Nov 28th,Dec 30th, March 7th, BootGasm 2 shows on May 29th,2010, Dec 4th,2010
 Oct  24th graduation show
  Infinite Focus
 Dec 12th Red Carpet Show, Jan 24th and Jan 31st Jewelry Fest Show, June 19th- Escape to Italy- 2 shows I did 
 Praga Tattoos Show Oct 23rd
 Halloween Show Oct 24th, Fall Into Romance Feb 14th,2010, April 25th Awake to Sudan
 D’ior Shows
 Nov 13th, 09, Dec 12th, Feb 27th, July 24th-Convoitise and Alpha Angel show,Nov 6,2010 Nemesis
 Nov 28th Jewelry show
 DC Mall Shows

 Dec 10th The Plastiks, Dec 14th Ginevra Lancaster, April 3rd-Aphrodite Show, April 10th Glow Designs, April 17th Likka House. April 24th ME Fashions, DD Style -June 5th, 2010
I coordinated these as well as modeled. 
 Fashion Week Shows
 Dec 13th Vanilla C Show, Dec 14th Lady Thera, Dec 15th Tres Beau, Dec 16th Eccentric and Moxie Polano, Dec 17th Aphrodite Show, Dec 18th Durga Designs and C&W

Male Fashion Week

Jan 13th Gabriel Show

I care about Haiti benefit show Feb 4th,2010

MA Modeling Agency

Hox Show Feb 13th,2010, March 6th Finesmith Show,March 12th Morea Collection, March 30th Betrayal,April 17th Gati Show

Farouche Tres

 Cupids Seduction Feb 14th, Model Showcase Feb 27th

Angels Modeling Agency

Adult show with Anima March 6th

Metamorphosis Show March 11th, Jewelry Show May 20th, Masked Affair-June 25th, July 7th GS Fashions-also featured on the invitation, July 15th Dezno Shapes/V Twins, Oct 21, 2010 Leimoni


March 13th

Four Seasons Agency

March 27th
Vivace Agency

April 21st,2010- Lady Mora Show, SF Designs-June 3rd, 2010, June 24th- 24 Shoes Show
CEM Agency

Fellini Show April 25th, May 8th various designers

LC Angels Show- May 16th,2010
Bel’Lys Agency

June 27th Summer Show
Maritima Agency

July 3rd,2010 Muse Fashions,Dec 4th, 2010 SyS for charity

Ultimate Exposure Modeling Agency

July 10th- House of Dashwood, August 28th Sage Fashions

Feed a Smile Shows- July 13th, July 15th and July 17th,2010

Cinderella Show– July 22nd,2010

Warped Show May 24th

Gems & Kisses RFL shows I did 2 of them on May 15th,2010

Calendar Models of SL-Show on Aug 8th,2010
Team Edo – Show September 4th 2010
NOH8  – Charity Show September 11,2010
Vision Timeless

September 26, 2010, October 23,2010
Venus Modeling Agency

Purple Moon Show for International Modeling Convention- September 26,2010,  Nov 27th,2010 – Prism Show


Dec 3rd, Alexander Jewelry

I completed the LA Modeling Academy in Aug,09, Associate level- Fashion Institute

Currently represented by the following modeling agencies in SL

 Farouche Tres, D’ior Top Model, SSMA,Maritima, Premiere, Venus

 Model trainer, manager and model for UEMA

Print experience as well for vendor ads and promotional posters for Leimoni, LA, Siren Productions, Nakari Tolsen, Calendar Models  and many others.
Other things
Live Model for House of Beningborough

formerly live model for Gems & Kisses
formerly model trainer for DC Style models


Calendar model of the month- Nov 2010-photos I took myself
VDI April 2010 Photo contest winner-photo I took myself
JCNY ModelFest runner up,  August 2010
Runner up for JCNY ModelFest Extreme Couture Edition-April ’10
Final 4 for Miss MWC 2010
3rd place in Champagne contest (NOV, 09)and Velvet Rythms (Oct,09) contests using pics I took myself
Vanilla C Calendar Month of May using a picture I took myself
DC  District Style Model Discovery Winner Nov, 09
Winter Liquid Dreams Contest winner and the face of Liquid Dreams
House of Beningborough live model at least 1 week July-Dec,09 and Jan-April,2010. Some months all weeks of that month.Top 15 finalist in Oct  and top 10 finalist in Nov 09
JCNY Showcase model for Model’fest at least 1 week a month and usually more than that,most months all weeks Aug-Dec, 09 and December to August,2010.
Semi Finalist for Calendar model of 2010
Semi finalist for Miss Gems & Kisses
Top 10 finalist for Clothesminded Mall contest Oct,09

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