119 Shows!!

So I have been modeling in SL for a year. I added up all the shows I have done so far and it’s 119. I know it’s hard to believe but it is all right there. I am proud of my record. Not to be conceited, although this is my blog so I could be if I wanted to I guess, but I never had a complaint about any of those 119 shows nor did I ever fail to show up for a show I signed on to do. Being reliable was always very important to me. If you agree to do a show then do it. Not having any complaints is also something I am happy about. Was every 1 of those 119 shows perfect, no. While I try for perfection in every show, with lag, I am not sure that is possible. But, I do my best every time to show the designs with a good attitude and proper skills.

For those that think modeling is all glamour let me tell 1 of my favorite stories from the week I did my first shows. It was latex week. I had a latex outfit, with a bright green leaky pee bag, yes I said it- a leaky pee bag. Everywhere I walked it leaked. I think I have a picture somewhere I should find. While I admit this is gross and slightly embarrassing, it was also fun. And too often we forget modeling should be fun. I can laugh at the crazy outfit. So many people are so serious and never learned how to just have fun,  to go with the flow so to speak, lol. Just take what you get and make the best of it.

Updated Resume

  I decided to figure out how to add my modeling resume as a widget so that it would always be easily accessible by anyone who wanted to see it and I can update it as needed. I finally figured out I had to add a page and post it that way in order for it to appear on the side correctly. Although it also put it at the top and I am not sure how to get rid of that.I think I need to read Blogging for Dummies or something if there is such a book because I swear some of this stuff is like reading a foreign language I don’t speak. lol

Last minute notice

I don’t understand why some people in SL think models need to be online 24/7. People who send out notices requiring an immediate response never take into account rl and that people have responsibilities and can’t always be online. RL should come first. The people who send out notices saying that there is a casting in 5 mins, 10 mins, or even an hour or 2 are not taking this into account or being fair in my opinion. While I get offline messages and notices to my email, some don’t. I really don’t think it is fair to do it like that. When agencies do this they are only getting the models who are online right then.What about all the others who would like to cast but didn’t see the notice because they weren’t online yet? People have jobs and families and hopefully a rl. My personal opinion is that notices need to go out announcing castings in advance, never the same day giving only a few hours warning and never the ones who give only a few minutes warning. People need to know so that they can plan to be online then.

My other problem is when agencies change rehearsal times and assume everyone will change with them but never take into account that the model may be offline and not see the message.

Oh and I also hate it when they say we need people for something whoever Im’s fastest gets it, How is that a fair system? I’m not saying we have to be given several days notice, although that would be nice, but I do think more notice should be given than come now, Im now.

To all the agencies who give nc’s with detailed info about the casting times and show dates and send it several days or more in advance I applaud you. That’s the professional thing to do. I am tired of the attitude that I have to drop everything, including my rl commitments, to go to a casting that wasn’t announced or to go to a new rehearsal time. But, there are agencies that give plenty of notice about what is upcoming and I love that. 

Ahh, ok, now that I vented that annoyance I feel better.

Some people never know when to stop

I’m not quite sure why 1 particular person continues to make up lies on agency report claiming they are facts and that I’ve been outed. One is only outed if what is said is true about the person. Nothing this person says is true. Therefore dignifying it with a response there is not necessary. I have done nothing wrong and nothing  to hurt people since I started modeling in SL. My behavior towards people in agencies and not in agencies has been above reproach and I am proud of that. I don’t need to lie or backstab or plot to wrong people. Why, because aside from the obvious fact that such behavior is wrong, it is also stupid and not in my nature. Someone told me you haven’t made it as a model until you have some haters, people who are jealous. So I guess I have arrived so to speak. I have a long way to go though. And my plan to get there involves working hard, being nice and being reliable. The same plan I had from day 1.

PS I am not a delicate flower in the least lol. I just pick and choose when to speak and when not to.

I will say it here,but never there!!!!

Recently a very rude person left a post about me on a website called Agency Report. You can read it here.


The reason for this, well, someone left a message under the name Queen on the  Kabuki page, and some people thought I was the person who did it. I left a post to let people know that it wasn’t me. Well someone immediately attacked me saying I am an unkind person. This upset me, I go out of my way to be nice to people, help people if I can. A couple of people defended me and then the person left a post saying that I am a trouble maker and cause problems for other people. Again, totally untrue garbage. I am professional, I don’t cause trouble. What is the point of that kind of behavior? I have no interest in causing trouble for others. If I don’t like someone I simply avoid them. If I have to work with a person that I dislike I am professional, the work comes first above my own personal feelings. Those don’t matter. I have a good reputation in SL Modeling. I’ve earned that reputation. From day 1 of my modeling life I decided being kind to people and helpful were more important behaviors to exhibit than any others? Why? Because fashion shows are done by people, sometimes large groups of people-for a designer. You have to be able to get along and put on a good show for the designer. I will never let my personal feelings get in the way of the work. The work comes first.

At the same time I’m a genuinely nice person. I never want to be mean to people or hurt anyone in RL or SL. If  I did I would feel horrible. I believe other models should be treated kindly,fairly, and supported. And this is how I’ve always been. If someone needs cheered up come to me, I am happy to listen. If I can help someone find something they need or tell them about a contest they should enter, I will. A few times I told someone about a contest and they won, I didn’t, but that’s ok. The way I see it is, I do my best, who is gonna win is who is gonna win, it is out of my hands so I have no interest in taking it out on other people if I don’t win. People need to learn how to handle things with grace and dignity.

Am I a saint ?, of course not, I can be cranky at times, although I try not to take that out on other people. I don’t always have a lot of patience, but I rarely say anything that would disclose that. I am not always as tactful as I’d like to be. These are things I work on but I don’t feel qualify me as a bad person, just human. And yes I can be high-strung and passionate. Oh and I talk too much.

I won’t dignify the rude things someone said about me on Agency report with a response there. They aren’t worth my time. I won’t deny it upset me to work so hard and then have someone come out with outright lies about me, to trash me, and especially when I have done nothing wrong. But, because Agency report shouldn’t be about me, I don’t want to drag it out on there either. I greatly appreciate the support I received from people, friends who said nice things in my defense. It is wonderful to know I have friends who support me and will defend me.

Now stop trashing Herra, she’s a very nice person and entitled to her opinion. She’s very talented, and has a vast amount of knowledge and she shares it and tries to help people.I do agree with her that agency report needs to go back to being about agency information and experiences-not a free for all to be mean and nasty at every opportunity. Even when she shares her opinion she does it in a nice way, why can’t others follow that route. Maybe all the people who respond with such anger and venom should take an anger management class or something.

Stop trashing Blackliquid, why do people have to keep going over the same things and harping on it. Move on,get over it. Don’t do business with her if you don’t like her. She’s a talented model and a great set designer. She’s quite creative and I admire that. I don’t trash B and I don’t need to kiss her butt. I just call it like I see it. Kissing her butt implies I am trying to get something out of it, and I’m not. It’s just not cool the way people keep trying to beat her up.

Now about Nave, he’s been a great friend to me for a long time. We are not partners or involved and never have been. We do not plot against people. Naves posts are entirely his own, I have no input or knowledge of them until I read it on there like everyone else. I never for 1 second believe Nave posts with the intent to trash people or hurt people and certainly not post lies. His posts are amusing observations about things he’s seen and advice on occasion. Does he take jabs at people when they are being ignorant, heck yes and what he says is usually amusing-not cruel. I don’t always agree with him and I tell him so, yes he can go overboard, but I support his right to speak his mind.

Lastly, I feel that anonymous posts have their place. People should be able to speak honestly about experiences  with agencies and agency owners without fear of reprisal for using their name. There are a lot of powerful people on agency report who can hurt your career. This doesn’t make what some have to say any less valuable.Everyone should have a voice. What I have a problem with is that it is often used, not as a way to give out accurate information and share experiences, but more as  a way to take shots at people you don’t like, trash people, enjoy making others feel bad by repeatedly bashing them on the same topic and opinions, not facts. This is not done out of an effort to share real information, it’s done because they like to hurt people, it makes them feel powerful to try to take others down and slander their names. They lie, make up stories, and seem to try to be as rude and ignorant as they can be. This is so not cool behavior at all. We are all people with feelings, maybe I need a thicker skin, but like I told Nave I’m a sensitive person just deal with it lol.  

Now if the person who said ignorant things about me reads this, shame on you for lying. You obviously don’t know me, or have much of anything of value to offer if that’s all you have to say. I don’t lie to people or about people in Rl, in Sl, or on Agency Report. Why don’t you consider the concept, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. If you have a problem with me, are jealous of me and can’t just talk to me directly like a mature adult, do me a favor and just leave me be. Go on your own way and make your own way.

QueenBrat’s Modeling Resume


Below is my SL Modeling resume. As you can see, I work hard and have done a lot and am always doing more. I love modeling.


Fashion Shows that I have been in

LFFW Week 16 shows I was in Aug 8th- Aug 15th,09

Latex Doll House
Luscious Latex
Squeaky Rubber
Hollow Angel
7 Deadly Sins
She Wants Revenge
Atonement Show
Addiction Latex
Rubber Kitten and Rubber Lab Latex
Puss n Boots
FallnAngel Creations
Latex Fetish Lingerie

LA Modeling Agency

Graduation Show Aug 9th
Shows Aug 30th,09, Sept. 13th,Oct 11th 09,Nov 1st,Nov 8th,Nov 14th, Nov 21st,09, Nov 28th,09,Dec 5th, 09,Jan 9th 2010


Showcase Model Shows Aug 22nd, 09, Sept 27th,Oct 31st,Nov 15th, Nov 22nd,March 17th 2010,
 Sexy Angel Show Sept 18th,09
MWC Shows
 Sept 19th Volti Italiani Show, Oct 27th Hip Hop Show, Nov 21st,09,Black Couture Show Jan 17th, Slave for you Show,March 14th Paris Canucci,March 28th Vrythms Show, April 11th Lonna designs
 MWC Designer Challenge Show
 Sept 20th,09,Sept 27th,Oct 11th,Oct 18th, Nov 22nd
 Hugo Fashion Shows
 Oct 30th, Nov 28th,Dec 30th, March 7th
 Oct  24th graduation show
  Infinite Focus
 Dec 12th Red Carpet Show, Jan 24th and Jan 31st Jewelry Fest Show
 Praga Tattoos Show Oct 23rd
 Halloween Show Oct 24th, Fall Into Romance Feb 14th,2010, April 25th Awake to Sudan
 D’ior Shows

 Nov 13th, 09, Dec 12th, Feb 27th
 Nov 28th Jewelry show
 DC Mall Shows

 Dec 10th The Plastiks, Dec 14th Ginevra Lancaster, April 3rd-Aphrodite Show, April 10th Glow Designs, April 17th Likka House. April 24th ME Fashions
 Fashion Week Shows
 Dec 13th Vanilla C Show, Dec 14th Lady Thera, Dec 15th Tres Beau, Dec 16th Eccentric and Moxie Polano, Dec 17th Aphrodite Show, Dec 18th Durga Designs and C

Male Fashion Week

Jan 13th Gabriel Show

I care about Haiti benefit show Feb 4th,2010

MA Modeling Agency

Hox Show Feb 13th,2010, March 6th Finesmith Show,March 12th Morea Collection, March 30th Betrayal,April 17th Gati Show

Farouche Tres

 Cupids Seduction Feb 14th, Model Showcase Feb 27th

Angels Modeling Agency

Adult show with Anima March 6th


Metamorphosis Show March 11th


March 13th

Four Seasons

March 27th


April 21st Lady Mora Show

I completed the LA Modeling Academy in Aug,09.

Currently represented by the following modeling agencies in SL

JSE, Farouche Tres, D’ior,Four Seasons, Infinite Focus,SSMA,Vivace,CEM

Other things

Live model for Gems & Kisses

Live Model for House of Beningborough

Runner up for JCNY ModelFest Extreme Couture Edition-April ’10
Final 4 for Miss MWC 2010
3rd place in Champagne contest (NOV, 09)and Velvet Rythms (Oct,09) contests using pics I took myself
Vanilla C Calendar Month of May using a picture I took myself
DC  District Style Model Discovery Winner Nov, 09

The face of Praga Tattoos 
Winter Liquid Dreams Contest winner and the face of Liquid Dreams
House of Beningborough live model at least 1 week July-Dec,09 and Jan-April,2010. Some months all weeks of that month.Top 15 finalist in Oct  and top 10 finalist in Nov
JCNY Showcase model for Model’fest at least 1 week a month and usually more than that, Aug-Dec, 09 and December to April,2010.Now having been there from the  Model’fest Couture period on, every week. 
Semi Finalist for Calendar model of 2010
Semi finalist for Miss Gems & Kisses
Top 10 finalist for Clothesminded Mall contest Oct,09

It’s been awhile

Wow I haven’t posted in a long time. It’s funny really as much as I like to talk.lol I will have to work on that and post more. Most of the time I am too busy to do much more than I am now. I’ve been doing 1-3 shows a week. One week I did 5 shows. I still enter the contest at JCNY and was actually a runner-up for JCNY Model’fest Extreme. I found out on my birthday. I was pretty proud of that. I know I didn’t win, but I was picked for every week of the 2 month-long contest and used pictures I took myself every time.

  Some people get so upset when they don’t win. I just like to be selected and go model. I do my thing and leave worrying about will I win to other people. It’s more fun when you aren’t obsessed over winning. I get more upset when I don’t win contests that involve runway because I know what I’m doing on a runway and feel that I style well and have a good look. But when it comes to pictures I am the first to admit mine are not perfect. They aren’t the best. Some are fairly decent, but the best, no. I am not there yet. I need to take a photography class or maybe 10 classes lol. There is a lot to learn and I think I’m Photoshop retarded.Is that rude to say? I sure hope not.

omg- how rude

Ok, something happened I just had to write about. I went to a store in SL called Adiva and I have bought a lot of stuff from this store over time and was one of my favorite stores. Anyway, they had a gift a day promotion for Christmas. Every day you go in and touch the calendar and get a gift so I went in and got the gift. The next day I went back in, only to discover I was banned from the store. Why was I banned you must be thinking. That’s what I was thinking too so I sent an IM to the store owner and asked. She said it was a special case because I was in her store wearing a tag from another store in SL – House of Beningborough. I’ve mentioned them several times in my blog. I’ve been trying to win the modelling contest at HOB for a while and love being a live model there. I think Bliss Beningborough is great. So I said to the owner of Adiva why would I be banned for that, and she went on and on about this feud she has with Bliss. I said what does that have to do with me? I have been a customer- a good customer too given all the Adiva outfits that I have and don’t deserve to be banned simply for wearing a tag from a competitors store. If she has a feud with the Bliss for whatever reason it’s none of my business or concern and I shouldn’t be brought into it. It is totally ridiculous to me to treat a customer this way. I don’t feel feuds between store owners should ever be brought up to a customer nor should a customer ever be put in the middle. I didn’t do anything wrong. I asked her why she didn’t ask me to remove the tag. She claims she did and that I ignored her, but I checked my chat logs and have never received any IM’s from her before the 1 that I sent her asking why I was banned. If she had really im’ed me and asked me to take it off, it would be in my chat logs. It’s not. So she tells me that she lifted the ban, but I can’t wear my tag to her store from HOB.  Well, I told her that wasn’t good enough, that she should’ve apologized for treating me like that. Truthfully, I don’t want to go to her store now. There are too many stores in SL to go where someone treats you badly.  She never should’ve gotten me involved in her feud  at all. I should be able to wear a store tag when I go to other stores without worrying about being hassled by the store owner. I can see a store owner saying something if my tag was offensive- abusive, profane, intolerant of others, overtly and disgusting sexually – but it wasn’t.

great- free show stuff!!

  I was in a show today for LA and it went well. Bit of lag, but overall no problems. I loved my outfits. I got a really cute pair of jeans with a matching shirt and a scarf from Lee Zu. I also had great outfits from SF Designs,Mondira & Viviane Fashion, and Jador. The last few shows I have been in, I have loved the stuff I got. I can remember shows I have been in that I didn’t care for everything I wore. But the last few weeks, every show, for every agency, I got stuff I love. It’s ok when I get stuff I dislike. The show is about showing off the designs to the best of my ability and I do that. It might not be in my taste- such as colors I dislike or the style isn’t my thing. It isn’t to say that some designers are bad at all. We all have our own  styles we prefer. Of course you never tell a designer or let on in any way that you don’t like your outfit. That’s just rude and not nice. I can find something I like about most things. But, as a model there are times you get an outfit and it gets filed away and not brought out again, and shows where you can’t wait to wear what you got.

   If it’s an outfit I dislike I will never say so here nor in chat in SL. I don’t believe in being publicly mean to anyone as I believe all designers in SL work hard to bring us designs and when they pay to have a show I will do my best for them. I might think to myself- this is not my style at all, but saying that to someone else is just not right. Plus, the items might not be in my taste but you never know what you might need for something down the road.

new opportunities

    I went out to lunch with my mom today and left my pc off. I hardly ever leave my pc off when I am away because I usually leave my avatar live modelling somewhere. But, I was expecting the new lists to come out and if I wasn’t chosen being caught on the runway is embarrassing. I was chosen though for House of Beningborough. She is running a new contest- The Face of Beningborough 2010. It is a great contest: 100,000 in prizes, being her face and model for the year. What a great opportunity that would be. So I applied for week 1 and was accepted and I get to live model in the store for the week. We are not required to do that but I like to. This contest runs for 2 months. So, many more chances to apply and wow the judges with my pictures and presence. I know a lot of people are applying so it would be tough to win, but I am happy just to be picked and model there for the week.