Posted by: queenbrat | November 6, 2014

I have a brand new group on Facebook I am very excited about

 The point of my new group is to have a group to discuss tv shows, movies and ideas about all things magical, mythical, supernatural and sci fi related. I so love this genre so I want others to join who share the same love and want to talk about whatever interests them. Even if its just to share interesting pics or videos.



Magical and Mystical Meets Out Of This World

Posted by: queenbrat | May 2, 2014

What I have learned on FaceBook this week.

Unfortunate Life Lessons to be learned on Facebook. 

I won’t go into everything that happened because most wont know what I am talking about at all. The bottom line is the things I learned are a direct result. Don’t trust people on FB and don’t trust Whitney Bell, Daniela Curatolo Galletta, and September Angel, this post is all about them. They should be ashamed of themselves, I mean really ashamed for not only how they acted but how they treated me. That being said, read on so you know what lessons you need if you use the FaceBook site.

1. People will do all kinds of wrong behaviors and tell other people off if they do the same things but should you ever need to ask them to stop, they act offended and martyr themselves for their other friends who believe the fake act. Never bother with this sort of person, the how dare you say that attitude makes them fake. Bad behaviors are ok for them so no need to be friends with people like that. Good people will take responsibility for how they acted, those are the people you want. People are backstabbers and hypocrites.

  2. People like to claim to be a Christian, actions speak louder than words for me when it comes to that. If you use the words but your actions show otherwise please stay away.

 3. There are 2 sides to every story, always. Most never bother getting both sides. They will believe the loudest person. The quiet person who doesn’t spread their problems all over FB will never be heard, listened to and no one will even ask. The loud person is covering though for wrong behavior, they are often passive aggressive and will make it seem like they are such a great person. They will lie and leave out every important detail. They will misconstrue every detail and never ever say what they in fact did. For every person you see like this, wonder what they did that they feel they need to make a public spectacle all the time.

 4. Don’t trust anyone. You can’t. People will be nice to your face while stabbing you in the back. People will claim to be on your side but the entire time working against you.

5. People will take credit for what you accomplished and get rid of you as soon as they can.

6. No one cares about your problems. The stuff you are quiet about and don’t broadcast. It is a social site so you think they care, but they don’t.

7. If you ever have an issue most likely Facebook will do nothing to help you. Even if the situation is completely wrong and unfair you have no recourse. None at all.

 After saying all that, I am there for my friends who want to talk. I will listen and not judge. I wont call you names. I completely understand that games, shows, groups, favorite hobby pages and the internet are an escape from real life problems, sometimes very serious problems. Those issues are what  matter. Most don’t care what those issues are and will just make fun of you if you mention it, but I wouldn’t. So for everyone who has ever had people  on FB pretend to be their friend and then crap all over you, know that not everyone is like that. I am not. The people mentioned above and many others, are.


Posted by: queenbrat | May 2, 2014

Reign CW

reign4Reign CW

Do you love the CW show Reign as I do? Well come on Facebook and join my group. We are there to have fun and discuss, share and talk. Tell your friends, all are welcome.

Posted by: queenbrat | February 19, 2014

A new direction

I am thinking of taking my blog in a new direction or perhaps keeping it a second life blog and getting a new 1. I have to decide.


Posted by: queenbrat | February 13, 2014

What is tvguides problem?

This is not SL related, but since I mostly don’t play that should not surprise anyone.

I have always liked reading the articles on tv guides website or on FB and back when I bought the issues I read them all. When I am at my mom’s house, I read her issue. On the website or FB page you can comment and I often have. Some of the people who comment are so very rude. I would prefer to just leave a comment and have no one reply to call me names or tell me I don’t know what I am talking about, but I digress. Some articles are better than others and I am not afraid to say so, but so do others. I then noticed that a month ago, all of my posts were marked as “unapproved” and I was blocked from posting and not just personally blocked, my entire IP address is blocked.  They removed any comment I made, even the ones just saying I like a show. Tvguide is a big corporation so trying to get an answer as to why they did that is difficult. I sent numerous messages with no reply. I went to their FB page and my comment was removed. I sent a FB message with no reply. I think it’s kinda funny they removed my message on FB when the ones they left, those people are quite rude and I was just expressing how upset I was but in a polite way. I still find it hard to believe they did this. They leave comments on their website that are just outright rude, and they leave all the spam, but then remove all of my posts. It is very upsetting when you were always a fan of a magazine your whole life to have them treat you like that and not even tell you why or reply. Of course I am no longer a fan, this entire thing has left me very upset and disheartened that they can act that way.

I have the privilege of blogging about a new outfit from the wonderful designer Vero Modero.The VERO MODERO”Dane Top Black” and VERO MODERO ” Flash Pants Red”. This sweater, hooded jacket, style top has a low cut front with drawstrings and cuffed bottom and sleeves. The sweater fabric looks very plush and comfortable while still sexy. The Red Flash Pants are ultra feminine with a subtle sheen and boot cut style leg.This outfit hugs all your curves and is quite pretty. “

Posted by: queenbrat | March 5, 2011

Does my butt look big in this?

Has this happened to you? Calmly standing on a pose stand when my avi’ s head suddenly spins around? I think it is quite convenient really. How many times have you tried to get a good look and see if your butt looks big in an outfit. Well, if your head spun around it would be easy to see then!!  When this happens though, I always think I am having an Exorcist moment, although since my head doesn’t do a full 360 turn I suppose it is a half an Exorcist moment. But, regardless, I’d say to avoid my avi when I am in this mood just to be safe. lol

Posted by: queenbrat | August 30, 2010

119 Shows!!

So I have been modeling in SL for a year. I added up all the shows I have done so far and it’s 119. I know it’s hard to believe but it is all right there. I am proud of my record. Not to be conceited, although this is my blog so I could be if I wanted to I guess, but I never had a complaint about any of those 119 shows nor did I ever fail to show up for a show I signed on to do. Being reliable was always very important to me. If you agree to do a show then do it. Not having any complaints is also something I am happy about. Was every 1 of those 119 shows perfect, no. While I try for perfection in every show, with lag, I am not sure that is possible. But, I do my best every time to show the designs with a good attitude and proper skills.

For those that think modeling is all glamour let me tell 1 of my favorite stories from the week I did my first shows. It was latex week. I had a latex outfit, with a bright green leaky pee bag, yes I said it- a leaky pee bag. Everywhere I walked it leaked. I think I have a picture somewhere I should find. While I admit this is gross and slightly embarrassing, it was also fun. And too often we forget modeling should be fun. I can laugh at the crazy outfit. So many people are so serious and never learned how to just have fun,  to go with the flow so to speak, lol. Just take what you get and make the best of it.

Posted by: queenbrat | August 30, 2010

Updated Resume

  I decided to figure out how to add my modeling resume as a widget so that it would always be easily accessible by anyone who wanted to see it and I can update it as needed. I finally figured out I had to add a page and post it that way in order for it to appear on the side correctly. Although it also put it at the top and I am not sure how to get rid of that.I think I need to read Blogging for Dummies or something if there is such a book because I swear some of this stuff is like reading a foreign language I don’t speak. lol

Posted by: queenbrat | May 27, 2010

Last minute notice

I don’t understand why some people in SL think models need to be online 24/7. People who send out notices requiring an immediate response never take into account rl and that people have responsibilities and can’t always be online. RL should come first. The people who send out notices saying that there is a casting in 5 mins, 10 mins, or even an hour or 2 are not taking this into account or being fair in my opinion. While I get offline messages and notices to my email, some don’t. I really don’t think it is fair to do it like that. When agencies do this they are only getting the models who are online right then.What about all the others who would like to cast but didn’t see the notice because they weren’t online yet? People have jobs and families and hopefully a rl. My personal opinion is that notices need to go out announcing castings in advance, never the same day giving only a few hours warning and never the ones who give only a few minutes warning. People need to know so that they can plan to be online then.

My other problem is when agencies change rehearsal times and assume everyone will change with them but never take into account that the model may be offline and not see the message.

Oh and I also hate it when they say we need people for something whoever Im’s fastest gets it, How is that a fair system? I’m not saying we have to be given several days notice, although that would be nice, but I do think more notice should be given than come now, Im now.

To all the agencies who give nc’s with detailed info about the casting times and show dates and send it several days or more in advance I applaud you. That’s the professional thing to do. I am tired of the attitude that I have to drop everything, including my rl commitments, to go to a casting that wasn’t announced or to go to a new rehearsal time. But, there are agencies that give plenty of notice about what is upcoming and I love that. 

Ahh, ok, now that I vented that annoyance I feel better.

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